Monday, March 11, 2013

Let's Teach Them The Way They Want Kids To Learn

I have come up with a way to convince Bloomberg and all these other politicians, businessmen and other know it alls that class size matters.

They should sign up for a class in a field they have no aptitude in and no previous knowledge.  It should be a class required to not only pass, but to excel in.  And, I would make sure the class had 40 students in it, each student needy of individual help and some with attention problems.  I would assign a teacher with a reputation of being a master and with VAM to back this up.

Maybe then, would these individuals who know nothing about education realize just how important small classes are to student achievement.

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Anonymous said...

actually, not sure if you saw, but son posted and left comments on my FB account about a week ago, that class size really shouldnt make a difference in education...