Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Staff Development Idea


As teachers we sometimes forget how difficult it is to master a new concept.  We see our students following along as we work with them, yet, when told to work on their own, freeze up.  We don't understand why this happens.

My tai chi teacher demonstrated the first three moves today.  She did them with the class multiple times and then told us to do them on our own.  Forty motivated adults stood still, not having a clue as to how to start.  She laughed, we laughed and then she moved with us again.

Instead of spending hours looking at data, and listening to how incompetent teachers are, perhaps they should take a lesson in tai chi, or photo shop or auto repair or something not so easy to learn.  Being on the other side of the desk might help them comprehend why their students struggle so much.  I know it has helped me understand their frustrations with math and it has given me more patience and understanding and an ability to help them better.

(Pictures from Hick's nursery here--editing is a good way to spend a rainy afternoon.)

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Anonymous said...

Exactly....same with Israeli dancing...Every time I (and others learn a new dance), we stand watching and dont know how to begin it.
To top it off, I joined a class of advanced dancers right after Thanksgiving so most of the dances I am learning are from constant repetition and no one actually teaching at that time.