Saturday, March 09, 2013

Rate My Teacher Comments

This post, written  in 2010 is still getting plenty of hits.  I loved these last comments.  They deserve a post of their own.


I am a high school graduate and I think Rate my teacher is degrading and to put it bluntly, a medium for bullying teachers. All the people that support RMT with crap like ‘students are entitled to the right to free speech’ you do realize that they aren’t allowed to spread hate speech, right? First off, I’ve had teachers who probably didn’t really care about teaching and only came in everyday because it was their job and absolutely brilliant, dedicated and wonderful teachers who I now visit sometimes on my days off. If I had such an issue with the former, it would be most plausible to go up to them and TALK to them about the issue or go with my parents. NOT be a sissy who vents their feelings anonymously on some stupid site created by a bunch of stupid children. A teacher’s job is hard enough. I’ve seen this first hand…one time I walked into the applied calc class to ask my calculus teacher about our upcoming test and MAN OH MAN was she EVER PATIENT WITH THEM. There was this one girl that decided it was ok to go up to the teacher’s laptop (attached to the projector and go on her YouTube channel, putting on a video of herself laughing) and my teacher just asked her repeatedly to stop in the most restrained voice you can with someone like that…Anyways, a lot of the people that comment on this site are upset parents that cannot deal with the fact that their lazy-ass kid couldn’t get a good grade in the teacher’s class *boo hoo*, the aforementioned lazy-ass kid, or probably even some jerky co-worker. And yes, some reviews may be legitimate but what’s complaining on some site gonna do for you??? GO TALK TO THE TEACHER or report the teacher to the school, that will get you somewhere. Stop degrading these people that work to help YOU GET SOMEWHERE in your life. And there’s a comment here about some dumb ass administrator that decided to hire a teacher based on their RMT rating? ARE YOU DUMB? And why hasn’t anybody sued this website, where did respecting your teachers go? What is wrong with my generation? I hope this site is taken down and the creator gets his pants sued off. What an abhorrent, disgusting thing to have in this day in age, I thought the 21st century was about moving forward, not backwards. And then there’s the sexual comments that are allowed on this site…smh. Oh and at ‘the student’s perspective’ how would you like it if a bunch of people were criticizing your every move, if there was a site called ‘ratemystudent’ and your teachers had the chance to complain about how you didn’t finish an assignment or came late to class or allegedly gave them a dirty look? And all you could do was sit there? Have you ever tried to consider their feelings, because um newsflash, teachers have feelings too. You say some of the reviews are legitimate BUT MANY of them are just hate speech. Like I’ve repeated a thousand times, if you have an issue with a teacher talk to them or someone else that can do something about it.

I am a 9th grade student, and I must say that the site is absolutely vulgar and completely verifiable. Most of the comments are atrocious attempts to vent rage on teachers who are just so happen to take interest in a students progress. And I must admit there are so many IDIOT children who just don't want to learn and they ruin the class for everyone, and children who actually like learning are labelled "nerds", why just because we care about our future?

I do not support this particular site, however they should like any other profession be rated by their customers. Of course I am not very knowledgeable about how this would OBJECTIVELY work, to provide the teachers with constructive criticism, but I know for certain with no other resource to turn to many GOOD students resort to using the site, what alternative is there? Confronting teachers directly can be daunting, especially if the student feels threatened. Of course there are some bad teachers who make no effort, exemplified by this comment: "Don't write to much for your assignment, I'll have to read it" That same teacher also said "Im not really interested in teaching and only do it because I will get paid"

And just to set the record straight I am an A student who cares about my grade and attempts to be objective when discussing teacher performance. And in my above comments I'm being lenient in my opinion, I am really cynical most of the time.

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