Friday, March 08, 2013

Nearly 80% of City Public School Graduates Need Remediation


The headline of this NY Post Article shouldn't surprise anyone.  Teachers have been saying this for years.  The dummying down of the regents means everyone passes and most know nothing because even the brightest have lost out in this quest to send everyone to college.  With emphasis on calculator and guess and check no one is teaching mathematics anymore.  Schools only care about getting lowest level passing to keep their stats up so they won't be closed.  The raised graduation requirements really aren't raised at all because the path to get there has been lowered.  As a CUNY teacher I know standards had to be raised there.  Many incoming freshman know nothing and have zero study skills.  Before NCLB these students wouldn't even be prepared for high school, and now they are supposed to be college ready.

“When you increase the number participating and you hold essentially steady on remediation, that means you’re increasing the number who are passing the bar,” said Josh Thomases, deputy academic chief at the DOE. “That said, I don’t want anyone to go to remediation.”
Thomases doesn't get it.  These students should not be sent on to college!  Last semester I taught a girl with a 70 IQ.  And I've seen other special needs kids sitting in academic classes (this does not go for all special need kids so don't jump on me here) they don't have the mental capacity to succeed in.  They just don't belong in an academic setting.  Our schools have done nothing to prepare them for it.


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Anonymous said...

and we continue to do nothing. Our graduation rate may remain steady and you may see more graduates with special needs going to college but they were pushed through by a system who gives make-up work to receive credit. This make up work is approved by AP's who want great numbers! They are also given answers and "help" on regents exams! After one or two semesters of tax payer dollars they drop out of community college and are scared again!