Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dividing The Staff--The Things Admins Do The Best

I never knew what a favored or a "pet" teacher was until I came to Packemin.  In my previous school we were all treated the same, miserably.  Our chairperson did not discriminate when it came to handing out programs or granting favors.  We all got four preps which, was illegal but she defended herself by saying there were very few good classes and she wanted everyone to have at least one of these.  We were young and bought into this.  There was no jealousy.  On the first day we all were handed one box of chalk, one eraser, two packs of copy paper, one long and one short, Delaney cards and a composition book.  She told us to never come around.  We were happy to oblige.
This AP did nothing to develop a loyal department but she did wonders for staff camaraderie.  We bonded together and found many ways to survive and even do better than just surviving. 
Today's APs do nothing for staff camaraderie.  They openly favor certain teachers and what is an inexcusable action of one is not even mentioned if done by others.  Today's APs are not the master teachers and confident administrators of the past.  They can only survive with divided staffs and that is one thing they are very good at doing.

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Anonymous said...

principals do this too...i know 1 principal who will happily ask teachers to write statements against teachers for things that are less than severe and wouldnt warranted