Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Use Money To Help Keep Tuition Affordable

James and Marilyn Simon just gave Stonybrook University a gift of $150,000,000 but one of the conditions of the gift is increased tuition.  (I heard them say this on the news,but it wasn't in the article online.)

Many students today cannot pay the increased costs.  How about using some of this grant to help them?  These two got their starts because of a relatively inexpensive education, an education they now want to deprive others of.

Stop Cuny-Suny Tuition Hikes


Cara Boutkids said...

I don't understand the condition attached to their gift. Why would they do this? Isn't the point of gifting colleges & universities to help keep tuition down?!
For example, I know that Sarah Lawrence College (the most expensive tuition in the U.S.) is so expensive because their endowment is much, much less than a number of other colleges & universities.

burntoutteacher said...

Exactly! Stony Brook is my alma mater and I got a great education at a tiny, tiny cost many many years ago. Although both of my (brilliant) kids got large scholarships/grants for their educations, both are now saddled with loans (as are we) in an economy that isn't giving them a fair chance. My daughter graduated in May from a private college but got most of her tuition paid for because of her high grades in high school -- still she just got her first loan repayment bill. She is struggling as it is even with a full time job just to pay her rent and other bills. It doesn't seem fair to saddle these kids with loans for what our great country should be providing to our future leaders for nothing. (I remember when CUNY was the free university.)