Saturday, December 31, 2011

Milk and Cookies Please

Don't be fooled by the innocent little face.  This one, if human, would be the kind of girl that hung around bars and had naive young men buying her drinks, jewelry and anything else her little heart desired.  She'd take what she wanted and then throw these poor suckers to the curve.  She has me wrapped around her little paw and honestly, I don't even like her.

I started letting her lick the left over milk from a bowl of cereal.  This led into her expecting some milk every morning, which I do give her.  (I read that it is okay to give cats a little milk as long as it agrees with them and it certainly agrees with her.)  And now the milk isn't enough.  I have to put treats on the plate.   She eats them first and then washes them down with the milk.  Whoever said cats aren't too bright never met this one.  Without saying a word, she has learned to communicate exactly what she wants and she gets it too.

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Anonymous said...

Cats are very smart...I had my experience with cat sitting when I had to cat sit for Ben and Jerry (my mentor/surrogate mother's) cats.

Rita Cat is adorable. I would probably be wrapped around her little paw too.