Friday, December 16, 2011

Sign Of Appreciation

I decided I didn't want to work so hard and told one of the colleges I won't be back in the spring.  I was only there one semester and still, I got this e-mail:

Dear POd,

Thank you for the  XX file, your service to our department this semester, and also for the gifts for Bette and her daughter.

If I don't see you... happy Hanukkah and happy 2012!  It was a pleasure having you as a colleague.  Please keep in touch and let us know if you wish to teach again at YYY College in the future.

Take Care - Dept Supervisor

I left Packemin after 27 years and got this:

Don't see anything?  Neither do I.


Schoolgal said...


Seems like someone is enjoying her retirement and wants more of it :)

I know it's hard with taking care of your dad, but I do hope you find the time to travel and go see your kids.

TheHouse said...

How nice :) It's always a good feeling when people see you, so I totally get what you're saying.

I had a former student tell me this week: "You were the coolest teacher I ever had, but your class was too much work." Ha! You take what you get, I guess!

zulma said...

Dear PO'd,
You deserve your retirement after 27 years. Enjoy it as much as you can. Even if administration at Packemin HS doesn't acknowledge your hard work and dedication, your former students, colleagues, and your blogleagues appreciate you.

Travel, travel, travel and write about all your travels. Enjoy the holidays!