Monday, December 26, 2011

Bubble Dancer

Mrs. Oola, the supervisor before Mr. AP was an interesting character too.  Her lipstick was always smeared and her slip was always hanging.  She always looked like she just had a quickie in the book room.  While observing a low level class, a boy yelled out, "Mr. Y, who is that hooker in the back?" because Ms. Oola looked better suited for street walking than school administration.

In spite of her looks, Mrs. Oola was a good teacher.  She was a brilliant mathematician who knew how to teach others to teach, even if she did not know how to teach herself.  I will never forget the day one of my calculus students said "Ms. POd, don't expect me to know anything.  I had Ms. Oola all last year.  She is an embarrassment to all Martians (his nationality)."

Mrs. Oola was in charge of our department when computers were just coming into their own.  She couldn't get the hang of saving what she needed on a disk to be able to work at home so every Friday, her husband would come to school to bring the big desk top computer home for weekend use.

And oh, Mr. Oola.  No one was ever sure what he did for a living because he was always in school.  He used to sit in on department meetings and shoot evil looks at anyone who fell asleep or didn't pay attention.  Every day, at 1:45 sharp, he showed up with cup of coffee for his beloved wife.  One day, at 1:25, the school had a fire and had to be evacuated.  There were thousands of people huddled around the building.  It would have been hard to find anyone.  As Mr. L wondered what Mr. Oola would do with his Starbucks purchase, we turned and saw him pushing his way through the crowd, finding his wife to deliver the afternoon fix.

There is a saying, "Cream rises to the top, but shit also floats" might be a good way to describe past administrators at Packemin.

(She was also referred to as a bubble dancer.)

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Oh good Lord, this post made me laugh out loud!