Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Worried Chihuahua

I don't like it when you guys talk.


Anonymous said...

I had a landlord like that. She was just a bit tipsy and told my friend from our building and me to "go inside". We were outside leaning on cars on our street just off Kissena Blvd., smoking cigarettes and most likely talking and laughing and she, liking her liquor, couldn't control herself. She was very marginally in control to begin with. Of course, we laughed a lot more after her request. Two very independent single women who taught junior high and up in the ghetto? Was she kidding? This noisy little chihuahua needs to think twice before she messes with pedigreed champions. She should just resign herself to the fact that anyone can be friendly with and talk to whomever they want. She should concern herself with whatever her job is.

Anonymous said...

please stop, you're killing me! I can't stop laughing. LOL xoxoxo