Friday, January 07, 2011

From Our Class Facebook Group

I'm so glad I had them set this up.  They are using it to talk to each other, even about math.  Here are a few of their comments.

Today, a calculus test took place. Approximately 95 students were submitted to this examination.

How did they fare?
mrs. pod showed it to me after.. it was soooo simple.. -__-
*bangs head on desk*
we should all order it =)

we shouldd!

what was the homework? its homework# 41, blue book, page something..? LOL. i forgot to write it down

I found this list in the green book. It couldn't hurt to look over it, in case you've forgotten anything. We aren't going to be tested on inverse trig derivatives though.
does 18 have an answer? or am i just doing it wrong..

it doesn't make sense. if the tangent line's TANGENT to f(x) then it should only touch at one point.. thus they should only have one point in common right? ._. so confused.

just in case you wish to take a break from calc... here are some math pick up lines!

My love is like an exponential curve. It's unbounded.
My love for you is like a fractal - it goes on forever.

LOL i found them online xD
omgg i really seriously need help with math hw... can someone help me


Anonymous said...

It's like watching an episode of the Big Bang Theory :)

Educational Encounters said...

I also just started one for my US History class. I posted about it on my blog too.

Facebook is a surprisingly awesome way to reach the kids. Way to go with math!