Saturday, January 29, 2011

Enforcer Needed

Binky is in the lowest one-third of the school.  She has trouble reading and her IEP says she is entitled to a reader for exams.  She takes all her exams in resource room so this should not be problem.  Binky's resource teacher claims Binky doesn't want to use this exam modification so no one reads to her.

Binky is a very agreeable young woman.  If the exams were automatically read to her, she would not object.  I know she would do better.  I don't understand why this doesn't happen.  What is the point of test modifications if they aren't enforced?

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Unknown said...

I have been told, time and time again (Oregon) that if the student says no to any accomodation then the school can't force the kids. And then we (teachers) get yelled at for the bad grade....blah blah....Some days, it makes me seriously think about being a teacher.........