Thursday, January 20, 2011

No Help Available

Ditzy comes from a good home.  He has two parents who love him, provide for his every need and desire and, at the same time, provide discipline when needed.  They value education, encourage studying and are behind his teachers all the way.  In spite of this, no teacher wants Ditzy in their class and no students want to be in the same room with him ever.

Ditzy is one of the more challenging students at Packemin.  Just saying his name, brings a frown to almost every face in hearing range.  He is late to every class and disruptive when he finally arrives.

Ditzy needs help and he needs it now.  I am afraid he will do something really stupid and end up in jail (if something wore doesn't happen to him first.)  He is not a bad kid, just a kid that does things that aren't so good. I have serious doubts about his ability to differentiate between what he should be doing and what he actually does.

Ditzy's guidance counselor has spoken to him about grades, summer school and night school but those things won't help him with his real problems.  The counselor knows this but is not sure, short of recommending him for some sort of ISS placement, what else she can do to help him.  The school system has no plan in place for kids like him.  The ed deformers can fire all the teachers in the system, but kids like Ditzy aer not going to make it unless some real changes are made.

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EFM said...

Thank you. Some kids need serious help. Expecting schools to "fix" what's wrong with these kids is absurd. Teachers are not psychologists, social workers, or doctors. You would think that the powers that be, would have realized it by now.
Then again, they don't seem to even grip simple concepts, like, ESL kids need time to learn English before being pushed to take other courses.
All these so called experts,and financial wizards, and not a drop of common sense among them.