Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I always wear the above sweatshirt when it snows because I always feel like I am a wacko when I go in on these days.  I'm starting to rethink how I feel.

I got up bright and early and called 311 five times, just to make sure school was really open.  I dragged my old body out of bed and looked out the window and sure enough, my block had been plowed.  I decided maybe I could drive to work instead of taking the bus.  My wonderful husband got up, shoveled and cleaned the car and even drove me in so I wouldn't have to worry about where to park.  (He was not happy about this--couldn't understand why I didn't stay home.)

Attendance wasn't great, but I am glad I went in anyway.  With midterms tomorrow, the kids who came in were ready and willing to work, and I am not just talking about the calculus kids.  Some even thanked me for coming in as they were tired of sitting in the auditorium watching  movies.

One of my students was looking quite distressed later in the day.  When questioned, he only said, "Bloomberg is a hater."  He then explained what a wasted day it was, how all his other teachers were absent and it was hardly worth the effort it took to get to school.  He, as well as many others, showed up because they had midterms scheduled, exams to review for and were afraid to miss out on any of these things.

I enjoyed my kids today and I know they enjoyed a learning environment with such a small population.  Too bad it takes a snow day and a hater to provide kids with what they really need.

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