Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Voice Cries Out

There was a sign up sheet going around for SAT tutoring.  Several kids expressed an interest in signing up but it was only open to those who got free lunch.  As the sheet went around, I heard "I need tutoring.  Just because I can pay for lunch doesn't mean I can pay for a tutor.  I'm entitled to an education too."


Anonymous said...

This does seem unfair.

The NYTimes has a story about NY teacher bloggers.

For some reason I can't copy and paste using Firefox. The link it posted on FB's SUPPORT.

ChiTown Girl said...

Do the ones who are entitled to free tutoring take advantage of it at least? I have a feeling that most don't. What a crying shame for those who really want it.

NYC Educator said...

Good point. The system is ridiculous. The tutoring comes with taking Title One money, is only available to Title 1 kids, and many of the companies providing these services are fly-by-night sleazeballs.