Sunday, January 23, 2011

Principal Bully

It seems incompetent, mean spirited, evil principals aren't limited to life in NYC. They are in schools all over the place.  I am about to relay a story from a blogging buddy from a state far away.  We often post for each other.  It is the best way to share our stories and keep our anonymity

Mary (a colleague) came  to my room basically to relay a threat from Principal Bully because she CARES. She said they were going to put me on a personal development plan. She said Bully will not fire me.  So far he has said nothing to the department chair.

Friday Principal Bully called me to ridicule me some more for no other reason than  he can.  He was trying to make me cry or leave but neither will work. I started taking some courses for additional certification and I will not leave until I am ready to do so.

I do not value anything about Bully and he cannot scare me right now.  I have math, science and special ed on my certificate.  He can't fire me.

Princess was called tor his office last month.  I don't know what happened but she left the school during the day, has not been back and has no plan as to when she will be back.  She is on leave (no one has been told why).  The department chair has talked to her briefly  She left no lesson plans and has no intention of sending any in.

The department chair and I spent an hour and a half Friday after school looking for worksheets in Princess' room.  She has the MOST RETARDED GRADING SYSTEM EVER.  This is going to sound so wrong because it is. She assigns worksheets. The students get 100 if they do it and 0 if they don't (but Princess loses papers all the time). These are recorded  informally and have no weight. Every 12 or so, she averages the mark and assigns it as a test grade.

We continued looking for worksheets so we could help kids who failed her 1st semester class pass.  I've had some of these kids and I know they do the work.   One boy's parents met me to get 8 worksheets, which he will turn in to me by Friday to grade.  This will raise his grade to an 84.  I couldn't find enough worksheets to raise his grade to an A. (read that sentence a couple of times.  I knew what I was looking for and I COULDN'T FIND THEM.)

We found between 1/.3 and 1/2 of the worksheets we needed.

There were stacks of folders all over the room  in no order.  There was a condom wrapper also.   I am NOT alerting the principal to that.  He can find his own stuff.

I know Principal Bully and Princess spoke about this grading system several times.   My guess is this was the blow up.   Princess failed all/most of her special ed students so they were removed from her class.

Now, let me get to the most important part of this rambling.  Friday Principal Bully told me I was the worst teacher in the math department.  Think about it - I am worse than Princess and the teacher who talks to the board  (more about him in another post.)  If he believes this he is dumber than I thought,.

I was going to write a letter to a member of the Department Of Education but my mechanic told he me this member is a friend of Bully. This is a small town so I trust him

I have to decide whether I want to go talk to the the people in charge of our school district. About 1/3 of the math department may leave unless they get rid of him.  But I do not know if they (district) care.

I am okay, he is an ASS, Princess deserves the treatment she got and my student will be okay.

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