Saturday, January 01, 2011

Vacation Update

This year, instead of our usual all inclusive vacation in Jamaica, we rented a condo in Aruba.  We joined a vacation travel club and for not too much money we got the right to two weeks planned vacation anywhere the club has property.

We were originally going to be staying in a studio, which was a big step up from the hotel one room we usually stay in.  We got lucky and at the last minute got upgraded to a one-bedroom.  We had a fully equipped kitchen (not that we cook), a living room that could sleep two and a huge bedroom with a terrace overlooking the beach.  The bathroom even had a Jacuzzi. It was nice being able to watch television on a couch instead of in bed and when insomnia hit, my husband did not get woken up.  The beach and the pool were magnificent and the people that work here were extremely polite, friendly and helpful.  My only gripe (which everyone has been reading about) is the hotel’s Internet.  It was down all week.  I only got to check e-mail and write mini-posts from restaurants and malls and could not post any pictures.  Hopefully they will solve the problem because we want to come back next year.

In addition to the great hotel, we rented a car and roamed the island, north to south.  We hit every paved road and some dirt roads as well.  We saw calm beaches, rough beaches, an abandoned gold mine and a natural bridge.  My husband snorkeled on out of the way beaches and we met lots of nice people.  We found lots of great restaurants and lazed in the sun.  Vacations like these are what keep me going.

Right now I am at the airport waiting for flight home.  G-d’s way of making this less painful is giving us a rainy, overcast day.  It is still preferable to the weather that waits me at home.  I have one hour of free Internet to use before boarding the plane.  This is one island I will definitely  return to.


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Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Happy New Year!