Saturday, October 02, 2010


These kids are no more than a statistic on a page.  When the class is filled, they are arbitrarily moved around.  No thought is given as to who should be moved, who might benefit most from a move or who the move might hurt.  They don't count.  The person in charge doesn't care.  

I know I am talking in riddles here and I wrote the real post here but moved it when I realized I could possibly be endangering the person who told me this story. It sucks not to be able to lay it on the line.  It sucks to see kids that could be helped destroyed.  Anyway, for those with access, it is posted here.


veteran teacher said...

PO'd this is happening everywhere! I do not have access to your other posts but I know what you're talking about b/c my students are being mis-programmed and their parents are not savvy enough to stop it (esp. those who don't know the language). It's the same situation as your Evil Person post only being done to kids. At my school teachers are being programmed for 2nd and 3rd period lunch. Union contract only calls for 'a duty-free lunch' so 10:00am lunch is fine. Back in the day the comment was 'You can't legislate kindness' Nor apparently common sense. Can you get the pricipal involved?

Pissedoffteacher said...

I'm thinking of asking him, but since Rose is not my student, I'm not sure if I should. I probably bother him way too much for other things.

Pissedoffteacher said...
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