Sunday, October 10, 2010

Outlet Needed

This blog is starting to stifle me.  Too many people know my real identity so I can't write what I would like.  I contemplated starting another one, one open to the public, one where I could go back to my Suit bitching days but realized no one would be able to find it, not just the people I don't want to find it.

I propose to some of my fellow bloggers, the ones who live outside the NYC area, that we exchange posts occasionally.  If  Mr. X in Calgary is unhappy with his principal, he can post here and no one will know it is him writing about his school.  On the same token, I can let myself be free on Mrs. J's in Manchester.

Anyone interested?  E-mail me and we can start.  (I got this idea from a fellow blogger, no link because I don't want to give anything away who is very unhappy with some of the crap going on in his district.)

(Pictured above is the beautiful Millie, the golden retriever next door.  If I wasn't too lazy to own a dog, this is the kind I would want. )


Mrs. Chili said...

I have offered my site(s) for anonymous posting, as well. If anyone needs me, just send me an email and Casa de Chili is yours.

mathematicamama said...

It's so tempting I might start one myself!