Friday, October 01, 2010

Evil Person

Mary, Bob, Bill and Sue Ellen teach in the same department. All are excellent teachers and have the ability to teach any subject their department offers.  Mary requested early session so she would be able to have time to spend with her new baby.  Bob requested early session so he would be able to get to his second job, a job he needed to pay college tuition for his son.  Bill requested late session as his child's day care center did not open until 8 and Sue Ellen requested a late session because she does not like to get up early.

In the interest of promoting morale  The AP in charge of programming this department wanted to show everyone who the boss was.  Mary and Bob were both put on late session while Bill and Sue Ellen got early programs.  They tried to switch programs but were adamantly told no when they asked.  The AP does not care about any ones personal problems.  The AP's interests are all his/her own.


Ricochet said...

For some people, it is all about control. Look, I can make you do it MY way!!

This is so shortsighted, as we all do more when our basic needs are met - in this case new baby, child, job, and internal clock.

It would have cost him nothing and earned him such a return.

(shaking head)

mathematicamama said...

Is this still SAB?

Anonymous said...

My principal split a double science prep when it could have been together. Both teachers agreed a change would be simple, but the principal said NO. So now these kids have one period of Science,then return to their class for another period and return to science. Of course this makes no sense since the Science teacher can easily move her prep without interrupting the lesson.
This was more of a punishment to the classroom teacher because she refused to go to a Sunday workshop.

It's all about the power.