Saturday, October 02, 2010


Over the years I have found kids who never worry about consequences.  Trips to the deans office, calls home, nothing helps.  I realized I had a few of these kids as soon as they walked in the door day one and I confirmed this by checking transcripts and report cards from last year.

I have absolutely no desire to have a repeat performance of last year's algebra class, so I stepped up my game immediately, assigning seats and calling homes from day one.  The few phone calls got the kids who could go either way to go the way I wanted them to.  The others were still a problem.  And then, a solution hit me, go for their hearts.

Most of the kids like me so I decided to use this to my advantage.  I explained to them that I am always in trouble with Mr. AP, that there is always something I am doing that is pissing him off.  I told them their behavior reflected on me and if he walked by and saw them with a hat on, a cell phone out or not doing the work, I would get more grief from him, grief I did not need.

The kids laughed.  They called me a rebel and then the phones went away and the hats got taken off.  Notebooks came out and hands went up.  It seemed I had said the magic words.

I don't kid myself into thinking this will last, but I can hope.  I am going to keep reminding them of my troubles and hopefully keep them on my side.  I've got to play to their compassion.  It is my only hope.


Shireen Dadmehr said...

You're a smartie. Great idea.

Ms. Cookie

veteran teacher said...

If I'm tired of reminding the sames ones I say "Look, I'm not getting yelled at by Ms. A.P. because you have your hat on. Please take it off." I've said the same thing for two years now and it's still working so go for it PO'd.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the time that I had to put 2 children in the 'thinking chair' because they were purposely teasing another student. I gave them the warnings and they continued. I guess they were shocked that I wanted them to 'sit and think' about their actions. The 2 children started crying in their seats, 'waahh, I made Ms Gingie upset. I dont want her to be upset with me. She is mad at me."

It only took 1 incident and they NEVER did this again. I felt so much relief and smiled as well.