Sunday, October 24, 2010


Empowerment includes the following, or similar, capabilities:-

The ability to make decisions about personal/collective circumstances
The ability to access information and resources for decision-making
Ability to consider a range of options from which to choose (not just yes/no, either/or.)
Ability to exercise assertiveness in collective decision making
Having positive-thinking about the ability to make change
Ability to learn and access skills for improving personal/collective circumstance.
Ability to inform others’ perceptions though exchange, education and engagement.
Involving in the growth process and changes that is never ending and self-initiated
Increasing one's positive self-image and overcoming stigma
Increasing one's ability in discreet thinking to sort out right and wrong .

Empowerment helps people who have been marginalized become self sufficient and confident.  In the workplace, empowerment helps reshape employees attitudes and helps them do their jobs better.

If any of the blogs around have helped anyone get empowered, that is great and I am proud of doing my part.   The enabler, the one who is sharing their opportunities and helping these individuals become empowered should feel proud too,

“Empowerment is not giving people power, people already have plenty of power, in the wealth of their knowledge and motivation, to do their jobs magnificently. We define empowerment as letting this power out (Blanchard, K)." It encourages people to gain the skills and knowledge that will allow them to overcome obstacles in life or work environment and ultimately, help them develop within themselves or in the society.


Ricochet said...

You certainly have enpowered me.

Anonymous said...

I like that empowerment can lead to positive outcomes. So those who think that are empowered and not making the situation any better are nothing more than bullies.

Pissedoffteacher said...

I agree 100%.