Sunday, October 31, 2010

Friday's Conversation

Student:  "Ms, you got me in a lot of trouble when you mailed that letter home."

Me:  Well, you've been missing class every day for the past week, you got a 39 on the last test and zeros on the last two quizzes.

Student:  It still isn't right, you shouldn't have done that.


Anonymous said...

You have to love the "you got me in a lot of trouble" line. We had several students show us nonexistent bruises after parent conferences last week.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. I once had a kid who took a mineral from another classes rock collection. He said he didn't take it even though he had it in his hands. His reasoning was if it's there to see, it's his so he didn't take it.

Sandra said...

I'd love to know what the reaction at home actually was. The kid doesn't seem all that perturbed.

Ricochet said...

The comment I love is "I can't get in trouble any more" but the behavior doesn't change. Obviously, they can still get in trouble.