Saturday, October 30, 2010


Yesterday this blog had over 1000 hits.  That is a new record.  It beats all the others by a landslide.

I don't know what I am writing that has people so interested, but I am glad it has.  I just wish it would make a difference.


burntoutteacher said...

You vent for us. You also manage to put things into perspective for us. You remind us that we are not alone in dealing with this monster, the DoE. I can't start my day without checking out your blog.

reality-based educator said...

I bet it was the Parent/Teacher post - that was SO right on. Took just a minute for you all to figure out - on, right, only 20 in this class, 34 in all the others...that's why he is doing so well here, not so well in the others.

You ought to send that to the Murdoch Post, the Murdoch Street Journal, the News, the Times, HP, and Valerie Strauss at the Kaplan Test Prep Post.

That post NEEDS to be read wide and far.

Moriah Untamed said...

Was it one post or several? I had a similar phenomena happen to me a week or so ago. It was the post: "Letter to Oprah I Wish I had written." It got 3000 hits in 3 days. It wasn't my writing that did it--but I'm glad to have been the vehicle. Most of the referrals came from Facebook, but I'm not sure exactly how it worked. Then I noticed that the same thing happened to Unaccountable Talk. Now you. Not that you don't both deserve it, but what I'd like to know is - how are people being referred to you? Are they stopping to read other posts? Are they coming back to read future posts?

Pissedoffteacher said...

Don't know the answers but it is only 4:00 and there have already been over 500 hits.