Thursday, July 26, 2007

Unbelievably Beautiful

My husband said that anyone who doubts the existence of G-d, should visit Mt. McKinley. One minute you can look out and see a breathtaking mountain range and a whole lot of clouds and then you look again and the biggest, whitest mountain you can not even imagine comes into view. We were lucky. The mountain is only visible a few days a year. When we were there, it was visible in all its magnificence for hours. I left my viewing spot to take a nature walk and low and behold, it was gone, as if never there to begin with. Until now, I always thought the pictures of these mountain ranges had to be artistic interpretation. I could never have imagined something that marvelous could be real.

Mt. McKinley is only a part of Alaska that enforces the belief in G-d. We rode ATV's up the side of a mountain and felt like we were going to be able to touch the sun. It is a wonderful feeling to look down and see the tops of trees and lakes glistening in the sun. Alaska's perma-frost helps the trees and the plants stay so green. There was nothing more pleasant than sitting on the side and watching a mother moose with her two babies or a caribou lying in the sun. Even in Anchorage, Alaska's busy city, I looked out my hotel window and saw phenomenal mountains in the background. We walked a nature trail in the city and saw ducks swimming by.

Most people we met only live in Alaska part of the year. It costs them a fortune to get there. They are paid crappy wages and live in dormitory style rooms, many with outside bathrooms. They come back year after year because of the beauty of this place. When we helicoptered to the glacier, the young girl who met us on it said "Welcome to my office. How do you like my view? Beats working in a cubicle."

My husband just realized that he has enough frequent flyer miles for two round trip tickets. We are going back soon. There is so much more to see.


Marcy said...

Absolutely breathtaking photos. I agree with your husband. Thank you for sharing these.

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

I can tell that "Seward's Folly" has claimed a place in your heart.