Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Random Subway Day # 3

Random subway days are great. Today was only random in that I took the E train instead of the F, the one I really needed, because it came first. The little brass sculptures were a pleasant surprise when I got off at 14th and 8th. Walking across 14th St. I passed a fruit store that sold the beautiful flowers pictured and saw the potted plants along the way. I headed uptown to Yeshiva University Museum. They have an exhibit on Polish Jews--photos of families lost in the Holocaust. It was a very moving exhibit. After I headed north on 5th, stopping to shop (and buy nothing) and again admire the plants along the way. I passed a church with all the scarfs in front. Each had the name of a soldier and they were a prayer for peace. I walked until 34th--one of my favorite streets in the city. I walked across until Broadway and then headed north to buy tickets to Jersey Boys. I know they were expensive, but they are an anniversary treat. Next I just walked to 53rd and Lexington and caught the subway home. I saw the big statue on the way, not my taste, but still nice to see in the middle of the city and the pleasant indoor arenas to sit, eat, play cards and just enjoy the surroundings. Once again I watched them filming a movie on the street. I met a friend on the subway and we rode home together. In all, a great day.


CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Did you get your "likeness" into the movie so that it could be "exploited"?

care020 said...

Great photos! They make me want to start taking my camera where ever I go. You never know when you will come across something breath taking or at least interesting.