Friday, July 13, 2007

Alaska, Here I Come

It is with a heavy heart that I leave for Alaska tomorrow morning. Alaska was never my choice of a vacation, it is my husband's dream trip. Since last year, and the year before, and every winter we do what I want, I decided to make him happy. How I will survive hours of waiting for ice to fall I'll soon discover. The scenery is supposed to be beautiful, but I would enjoy it better on fast forward (the way I watch lots of movies.) I hope the ship has lots of good alcoholic drinks available. We are taking a sea plane and a helicopter, both of which I am terrified of but after I made him go canopying in Jamaica, I had no choice. The five hour bus ride in Denali Park is also something I am dreading and the same goes for the 9.5 hour glass train ride from Anchorage.

All of this would be more bearable if I was not so worried about leaving my dad. He has gotten so used to seeing me at least twice a week and hearing my voice 4 or 5 times a day. I know this will be really hard on him. Luckily my sister realized how sad he is going to be so she arranged to come in for almost the whole time I am away. And, I have two really great kids. Both are coming home for the weekend to be closer to him an plan on spending Sunday (his birthday and my son's birthday) with him. I was with him all morning today and we actually got through the day with no tears. Even when he met someone who didn't know that my mom had died, he didn't cry. Maybe my going away will make it easier for him to move along. I hope so.

Anyways, this will probably be my last post until July 26 or 27. Enjoy your summers and thanks for reading and supporting me.


CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

I really hope your sense of dread is unfounded. I hope you can find at least a few things to enjoy about this trip. I'm holding you--and your dad--in my thoughts. Peace.

mathnerd said...

I hope you have fun! And I hope everyone turns out fine after this trip.

Anonymous said...

You could keep some sort of paper blog, in a notebook? I did that last summer, and will again this summer. Initially I meant to transcribe it to jd2718... but in the end the travel book is mine, my own, just for me to look back at. Some of the topics I've shared, and some I haven't and won't.

Keeping that journal and reading (lots. Was it six meaty books? more?) were two great parts of last year's trip that I intend to repeat.

There's something therapeutic about being away from normal, daily life. I hope you come back refreshed.