Friday, July 06, 2007

Random Subway Day One

I love getting on the subway, with no particular destination in mind and randomly deciding where I want to go when I am riding. It is an activity that I only get to do while I am on vacation and I do it as often as possible. Today was my first random subway day.

When I got to the subway, an E train arrived and that partially determined my agenda for the day. I first thought I would go to FIT, they have a great fashion exhibit there and then head across 34th St and see what else I cam across. But, I noticed the train's destination--World Trade Center and said to myself, why not head down there?

I got off the train at the WTC, near the front. It is nice and open down there and it is amazing to watch the construction and the rebuilding going on. I was there when they were demolishing after 9/11. This is much better. From here I headed into Century 21, the best discount department store in NY, possibly the country. I picked up a great pair of shoes and part of a birthday gift for a friend that reads this blog. Next I walked across the overpass that goes to the World Financial Center and into Battery City Park. This park is breathtaking. The views of the Hudson River are spectacular. Imagine playing volley ball or hitting balls in a batting cage and overlooking this scene. Anyone who thinks the city is not a grat place for children should take a trip down here. Kids have so many opportunities and places to play. The parks are great and there is plenty of grass. I headed south to the Jewish Heritage Museum. I've been there many times and was interested on seeing an exhibit on Jewish Vacation Spots. I then walked uptown, through the park, up the West Side highway until Canal St where I started zigzagging until I got to SOHO and found a neat little bar for a cold beer and lunch. The day was so beautiful I kept walking until I hit Washington Square Park. It is a good thing that Robert Moses was stopped from running a highway through this beautiful area. I enjoyed the street musicians, watching the children play and in general just watching people relax. The day was so great that I walked some more, up to 14th St where I hit DSW shoes and Filenes and the great farmer's market in Union Square. I kept on walking up Broadway, passed Fish Eddys (hands are from there), across 23th St where I found a Reminiscence, a store I used to go to on 14th St that I thought was out of business and then onto the subway and home. My legs hurt but my spirit is good. Days like these rejuvenate.

Too many people live in this great city and never take advantage of all it has to offer. I feel sorry for them and for all they are missing out on. Next week will be another random subway day. I look forward to another wonderful adventure.

I wish I knew how to post each picture with a subtitle. I'm going to put the rest of my pictures on snapfish and post a link for anyone who is interested.


CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

I can tell by looking at the photos that you had a wonder-filled day. I especially like the snapshot of the guy with the squirrel in his lap! I look forward to next week's random subway day.

Pissedoffteacher said...

I found it interesting too. The squirrel was eating out of the guy's hand. These are things you only see in NY

mathnerd said...

To make invisible typing just make the font the same color as your background. :)

Mighty Mojo said...

Loving your pics! Very funky and, as you say, totally random! Thank you for the encouraging comment on my blog. I keep trying to find a balance between all the discouraging things and my complete and utter, head-over-heels love for what I do (or, rather, what am trying to do).

Anonymous said...

Great pics!! You should totally do 12 of 12 on Thursday!! Look back at my entries for more info! :)