Saturday, May 05, 2012

Little Mouse Is Having A Party

Little Mouse has gotten together with Sponge Bob to plan her retirement party.  It is not surprising that she didn't call Mickey and Minnie, or even Goofy and Pluto even though these were the ones she was closest with for years, because she barely speaks to any of them anymore.

Little Mouse is delusional and has decided that these once friends are friends no more and have committed acts of tyranny towards her behind her back.  Sponge Bob, an acquaintance she never dealt much with in the past hasn't been apart of her life enough to be part of these atrocities.

Little Mouse plans on going out in style.  She is having Sponge Bob contact most of the old gang to ask them to show up anyway.  She wants their accolades and gifts.  Little Mouse is intent on getting a good return on the money she gifted to others over the years.

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