Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Lifetime Teachers

When teaching is in your blood, it is something that you just can't stop doing.  The best way to handle this is to find a way to keep on doing it and avoid the stress and aggravation that comes with working for the DOE.

A fine group of retired teachers have found just the way by leading UFT classes and seminars for other retired teachers.  These outstanding individuals are using the skills they mastered a life time ago to share their knowledge and love of many things with others.  On any weekday, you can walk into UFT headquarters and find the halls bustling with fun as educators paint, dance, play cards, explore films, learn language and do hundreds of other things.

 I took a one-day class on Lucille Ball.  The instructor, threw away his text books to teach laughter. A former math teacher is teaching Photo Shop    He doesn't worry about doing things pedagogically correct.  He follows the needs and wants of the class.  A film teacher has introduced me to films I would never watch on my own.  He reads us a review of the film before it starts but that is okay.  A supervisor wouldn't approve, but we all love it.

Last year this time I worried about life after retirement.  I worried needlessly.  Life is great.

Pictures taken at Madison Square Park.  It was nice to have time to walk there from 50 Broadway after Lucy seminar.

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