Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Not College Material

At 4:48 Ginger sent me an e-mail asking what was going to be on the evenings exam.  The class started at 6:10.  She arrived 10 minutes late.  As soon as she handed in the exam she left.  She missed the review session for next week's final.

Georgia walked in at 6:55 PM.  She was at the hairdresser and the woman took too long.  I told her she only had 20 minutes left.  She missed exam 2 and was late to exam 3.  That time it was car trouble.  She wanted to know what extra credit she could do to raise her grade and was upset when I told her there was none.

And everyone should go to college, right!!

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zulma said...

I'm surprised that some students didn't asked you to nominate them for the for Term Extention Program. This way they can sit in a separate room for one week, complete a packet of material that represents an entire term of work and change the 40 they received the entire term to a 65.

Many students assume that colleges will give away a passing grade of 65 to them. They don't see reality; they've been enabled in high school too many times.