Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last Time

The real estate agent told us she couldn't believe some of the things she found in apartments up for sale. Many were full of photographs, religious items and other personal items. Some of these things had real worth, others sentimental value. She said she found closets full of food. I am finding many of these things as I clean out my parents home. There are clothes that still have tags on them. The cabinets are stocked with enough canned goods to sustain the entire development in case of a disaster. My parents never believed that when they left, they were leaving for the last time. They wanted things ready for their return, a trip that never happened. I filled garbage bag after garbage bag with expired food. I packed up clothes to give to charity. An extra suitcase is filled with momentos I can't bring myself to part with. It is so sad. I watch my purchases now. I wonder what I will be leaving behind for others to clean.


Ricochet said...

PO You have been in my heart all week. I wish I were there helping - I am in spirit.

Anonymous said...

You bring up an excellent point. Many elderly parents don't want to part with anything. So when they leave us, they don't take into consideration the stress of the cleanup.

I also understand the depression after losing a loved one of not wanting to de-clutter.

Before my father left us, he had arranged the clothing he wanted to be buried in and left us a list of who to call to get the necessary paperwork for benefits. That's love!!

burntoutteacher said...

So sorry. I know how hard this all is.

NYC Educator said...

So sorry you have to go through this. I know exactly how you must feel, unfortunately.