Sunday, May 06, 2012

Reply To All Gone Public

Dear Mr. AP,

I know you don't want any e-mails from me and I can assure you that you will never get one but I have something to say, something I want you and everyone else to know so I will have to put it here.

When I heard about your bonus, I wrote and congratulated you.  I also suggested that you include retirees and people who had left in your dinner plans as we all worked hard to help you earn it.  You wrote back that you did, but didn't include me because the meal wasn't kosher.  When I informed you that I could eat vegetables, you returned a scathing letter, not only to me, but to the entire department. I know my blog causes you pain and I never really expected to be invited.  If you hadn't been so awful to me and others, I would never have written the things I did.  It was the only way to stay sane and cope with you.  You had the power.  

Sent: Sun, Feb 19, 2012 11:53 am 
Subject: FYI -My bonus 
I got an email from POd titled "Your bonus". She demanded to be invited because I got my bonus because of what she did as a teacher. And this was my most recent response to her: I did invite most of the other retirees, those whom I knew would come and have a good time. 
Dear Ms. POd:
I have not received my bonus, yet. And when I do, I, not others, will decide whom I will invite. I am not sure why in your twisted mind, you think you are entitled to MY bonus.
Please stop emailing me and harassing me. You are out of our lives already and let's keep it that way.
Thank you.
Mr. AP
PS As the saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished.

My final response, written but not sent before the above arrived is below. Since he felt it fitting to share his twisted thoughts with the department, I thought it fitting to share mine with the department and with everyone who reads this blog.

Let's be honest here.  The reason you didn't invite me has nothing to do with my being Kosher. G and B are much more religious than I am and you invited them.   You didn't invite me because you don't like me and you don't have to.   Just remember, I helped you get that bonus.   I was the one who thought of adding the extra AP class, letting 30 more kids in, and increasing the school's rating in that category.  I was the one who stayed late and worked weekends to make up the extra time these kids needed.   I worked like a dog to get the kids you put in ME 43 and ME 44 through the regents even though most of them didn't even have a teacher the year before and they only passed because they passed the final, an exam that went around the school periods before they took they took it, an exam they were all able to get the answers to in advance.  I was one of the teachers who stayed late helping you finish grading more times than you can count and I came in over the weekend to make sure papers were finished in June.  You always promised me good programs my last years of teaching, so I could end my career they way you let others end theirs.  You didn't keep you word.  Each term, you managed to give me preps I never taught, each one more difficult than the one before.  You used the AP class as an excuse but had no problem giving AP calculus and pre-calculus to my successor.  You even tried to take the AP class from me.  We both know you did these things to encourage my leaving.  I don't like the way you treated me and treated others in my position, but I don't hate you.  I feel sorry for you.   I never wished you any harm but when reason didn't work I struck back any way I could.  With you. it was always a fight for survival, both of myself, my colleagues and the students.  Enjoy your dinner and your bonus.   The work I did was for the kids and for the teachers in the department.  I know they appreciated it even if you didn't.
You are right, no good deed goes unpunished.   I have been punished for mine.
Please learn the difference between a suggestion and a demand.  And, two or three e-mails is not harassment.  Don't worry, you will never get one from me again. 

It was all over until he sent out this, deliberately excluding me.  He tried to embarrass me so I thought I would return the favor with this post.   I can't help but think of the close to 60 kids that passed because of my work, kids whose failure would have prevented him from getting that bonus.

I would like to make Wednesday, May 16, 2012 the tentative date to go out and celebrate our success last year. The restaurant opens at 5:30 pm for dinner and we will be there as soon as they open. I personally would appreciate it if everyone can attend.  After all, it is our collective efforts that got us there. One person already told me she could not make it. Please let me know if you are not going because I have to make a reservation. If that date is not good for you, please speak up now and we will see what we can do. Once we agree on the date, I can notify the retirees and people who left us to pursue other things they enjoy.

I wouldn't go to his dinner.  I am willing to bet most of the people that do attend will do so out of fear, rather than desire.  I personally think the department needs to attend.  He holds their careers in his hands.  Crossing him will not bode well.  I just hope take plenty of bicarbonate before they go.  Sharing a meal with him can't be good for the digestive system.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, I need to hire you and put you on retainer to be MY attorney. You are very good at making strong arguments. Also, as you pointed out, in your label, you most always win. I like that!

Anonymous said...

You got a rise out of him, mostly because he was caught in his own web of lies. The man lacks not only social graces, but common sense. Unfortunately no one measures that for an administrative job.

And for every stupid memo you post, I am sure you have many in the department that are grateful.