Sunday, May 20, 2012

Appreciation and Respect Go A Long Way

Chris, a student from last year's pre-calc class sent me an e-mail begging for some help preparing for his calculus final. He is no longer a student where I work so I had no qualms about tutoring him. I invited him to my home and spent two hours going over the material on his exam. He was appreciative, got a lot out of it and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him.

When I decided to leave Packemin I thought I would be back, helping the kids I knew needed me, the kids who didn't seem to operate the way most did. I knew I could reach them. I succeeded many times in the past. I've since changed my mind and although it hurts to see my babies fail, I won't change my mind. I won't work to fill the pockets of an administrator and I certainly won't work to make my former  AP look good, especially after what he wrote about me. Budgets are tight. Free labor (at least my free labor) would have been available with decent treatment.

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