Sunday, February 22, 2009

Untamed Teacher

Please go over to Untamed Teacher, read her story and offer her your support.

What this teacher is going through can happen to any of us.

Where is our recourse?

Where is our union?


Anonymous said...

How are we supposed to help this teacher? It's not my support she needs, but the support of her fellow teachers and union rep to stand up to this poor excuse of a principal.

But there lies the problem. The days of solidarity have left the building. Long gone. Good-bye! Every man for himself.

What a disgrace!


JUSTICE not "just us" said...

We can help this teacher by what we are doing right now! Listening and discussing the the disgusting Nazi-like tactics they are using against her. I know the same tactics have been used against me and I expect them to continue.

Rememeber the Holocuast Poem: "First they came for..."

If I know anything it is that these times will not last forever and I want to look back and say I said something! I did something!

That's how we can help!