Friday, February 20, 2009

My Heritage

On every vacation, I search out Jewish points of interest. I enjoy looking at old churches and cathedrals. New Orleans is a Catholic city. We visited the oldest Catholic cathedral and the cemeteries. The cathedral is breath taking,
The cemetery is fascinating.

but there was nothing like a celebration of ones own religion. This trip was no exception.

We accidentally discovered Temple Sinai, the oldest reform temple in New Orleans. (We passed Touro Synagogue and a Jewish Center while on the trolley but did not get to visit there).

When we walked over to look and marvel at the building, the Rabbi came out, opened the door and showed us around. This marvelous building, stained glass, marble and all rival any cathedral I have ever seen.


Pink Floyd said...

That is absolutely beautiful. I am really jealous you got to see that.

I saw the huge synagogue you told me about in Florence, but we didnt get to go inside because it was closed for the first 3 days of Passover, but it looked beautiful from the outside.

Abstract Randomizer said...

On the cruise I took with my family over Christmas break, there was a cantor on board the ship who conducted Hanukkah services for all eight nights. On Friday, of course, he did Shabbat and it was really great to see about a hundred Jewish families from all over the world chiming in together and singing the same songs (although in slightly different ways).
And the sufganiyot were EXCELLENT!
Your photos are great.
I wish I had taken more myself.
Ah well. Next time.