Sunday, February 22, 2009

More Faces (And A Hand) Of New Orleans

I should be thinking about what I am going to be teaching tomorrow. My ADD is acting up again. I'd much rather share these people I photographed in New Orleans. I love taking pictures of people. One day I will probably get in trouble for doing this.

The police officer--this guy and many of the other officers looked like they drank one too many big ass beers.

Guy at parade.

Hand of guy pouring my big ass beer on Bourbon Street

Waiting for the parade.
This lady had a lot of positive attitude.

Man by River Walk

' Bourbon Street reveler.

Anothe parade goer.
This little girl was crying because her brother did not want to share his beads.
This little boy was not happy waiting for the parade to start. Once it did, he was ecstatic.

This guy was on the ferry to Algeria. I finally figured out how to use my telescopic lens.
Down by River Walk.

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