Thursday, February 19, 2009

An Observation

We watched the Druid parade tonight. The high school marching bands were great. My first thought after watching them was that segregation was not dead in the south, as the schools that performed were not racially mixed. Then, I thought about the schools in NY. I thought about the JROTC competition I recently attended. Our schools are not any better. The racial makeup of the school you attend still depends on the neighborhood you live in. (My school is one of the few exceptions in the city.)

I'm not criticizing or accepting. I don't have any answers. I'm just making an observation.

The kids I saw tonight were great. I imagine they would be great no matter where they went to school.


Woodlass said...

Pissed Off -- I saw the Druids last night also, and will try to catch some more parades tonight, especially Chaos.

Please tell me where you'll be putting yourself for the parade and I'll look out for you. I'm way west, at Napolean and St. Charles, but am willing to walk towards the center if you'll be there. (I'll check this blog later to see if you got my invitation to meet up.)

PS: now that I've been given a full Band position at my school (after the arbitration), I may write this whole trip off my taxes!!! LOL

Pissed Off said...

I would have loved to meet up with you but we are on our way home. We got here Monday and got the best deal leaving today.

Enjoy the parades. I heard the woman's parade is great.

I think you should write off the trip. Our hotel had an educator conference. I wish I could have gotten invited there so I could have written it off.