Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Double Standards

Ajay came into class extremely late. When asked for a late pass, he responded, "I was with Mr. Dean" in the dean's office. He said to call him if I had a problem with his being late. I did not believe Ajay. The dean's office is always telling us to make sure we give late passes and to make sure we get them when the kids are late.

Not wanting a big confrontation with Ajay, I just told him to go sit down. On his way out, I told him to go see Mr. Dean and bring me back a pass. Ajay said, "No problem" and scurried down to the dean's office. At this point, I was almost believing him.

Within five minutes of Ajay's leaving, the phone in the room rang. "Hello", the voice on the other end said, "this is the dean's office. I am calling to confirm that Ajay is telling you the truth and he was here with Mr. Dean."

Now, I had to interrupt my class to let Ajay in late, I had to speak to him after class about the same issue and I had to interrupt my next class to take a call from the dean's office because Mr. Dean could not interrupt his activities to write the late pass in the first place.

Where else but in a public school would you find these double standards?


17 (really 15) more years said...

I think Mr. Dean must be getting it on with Ms. Wannabe, because I swear they have a similar MO.

NYC Educator said...

I wouldn't care. If he was with Mr. Dean and showed up with no pass, I'd mark him late. Let Mr. Dean find me if he feels so strongly about it.