Saturday, February 14, 2009


I got home from work yesterday to find my husband did something to the computer and it was not working. Needing my fix, I first used my son's computer and then took out my own laptop.

After ten minutes, it stopped working. Our cable was out. Calls to the phone company gave us sad news. We were probably going to be out for 24 to 48 hours. I started suffering withdrawal symptoms. I broke out in a sweat and started developing a rash. I began hallucinating. I couldn't fathom getting through the next two days without being online. Then I thought of the library and just decided to spend a few hours there with my laptop.

Luckily, the cable was up and running again this morning. No such luck for my computer. It seems whatever my husband did to the computer yesterday was still affecting it today. My son is working on it now, trying to get it up and running again. I'm happy has a pig rolling around in a fresh pile of s**t. I'm online with my laptop.


17 (really 15) more years said...

You should have seen me the 3 days I spent waiting for Time Warner to replace my wireless modem. Hives, twitching, cold sweats- it was not pretty.

Glad your cable is up and running!!

Anonymous said...

I recently had some puter problems and had to hire someone to come clean it up. Then I had wireless problems to boot.

I think I have an addiction :(


Mrs. H said...

I'm glad to hear others have this crippling addiction. I really can't relax in the evenings until I've had my fix.

NYC HS History Teacher said...

I have 3 days till my modem gets fixed. Until then, I am praying the line I found remains open until then.