Sunday, August 24, 2008

Justifying Worthless Education

In his letter to the editor in this Sunday's Newsday, David Abrams writes:

The Board of Regents recognizes that our greatest challenge in New York State is in closing the achievement gap. Regents exams are a threshold level for high school graduation. Many children, even on Long Island, are struggling to pass five of these exams. For many, getting over the bar at 65 in math, science, English and global history and American history is a milestone accomplishment that equips them for higher education, a lifetime of employment and solid citizenship.
I wonder what planet Abrams lives on if he thinks a 34% in math and a similar grade in the other subjects are equipping students for higher education and employment. Abrams is only justifying his salary and job and that of his bosses.


Anonymous said...

why doesn't he address the parents of the children of this city? why doesn't he ask the people of this nation what kind of values do these children have in this cultural wasteland? turn off the t.v.s and the computers in your homes and teach your children about what is really important!


JUSTICE not "just us" said...

We virtually give that diploma away and as a result it is nearly worthless.

Ms. V. said...

sing it, sister.

I'm bloglining you. I've been at this gig a long, long time too.