Friday, August 29, 2008

Day Two

(another picture taken to kill time!)

Today's staff meeting began with the old "right to know" stuff. We have a right to know about all that stuff in the school that will kill us but there is nothing the school will do to protect us. I remember years ago a colleague requested the Hepatitis B (?) vaccine after we were told how much we needed it only to be told it was not available to teachers. We can easily be replaced with a new TFA recruit so why should the city waste any money on us. I spent the time putting on my nail hardener. Since getting rid of the tips, my nails are very soft. This was a good opportunity as they would have plenty of time to dry.

Next came our exciting once a year union meeting, another waste of time. He managed to tell us that jobs have to be posted fairly. He also pointed out that the principal violated an agreement he had made with the union by not giving us a promised free lunch today. Here is one of the exec board members handing out the minutes from yesterday's exec board meeting. It's chock full of mistakes.

Next we got treated to listening to more of Suit's performance. Schoolgal asked if we've met New Suit and the answer to that is no. It seems no committee has been formed yet because there are not enough applicants. I don't believe that Suit really wants to step down.

Giving out program cards and metro cards was the best part of the day. Even being with the kids in such an awful situation reminded me how much I love teaching and being with them.

Then we got a whole hour to get our rooms ready. I've been taken out of my beloved trailer and put into two different rooms. The people that are in my trailer want the rooms I am in. They don't understand that I must be punished for demanding security outside and they are just peons, along for the ride. I, along with most of my colleagues, refused to spend an hour cleaning rooms. I opted for a walk to my favorite retreat Dunkin' Donuts. I used my free coupon for an egg white flat bread sandwich that was delicious (and less than 300 calories.)

The graffiti covered bridge to my "secret place". How do they get up there to do that stuff?
My hideaway!

The garbage covered bridge leading to the hideaway.

We ended with more of Mr. AP's ramblings and we all got to go home an hour early. Thank goodness the kids will be back next week. I can't take any more of these days.


Anonymous said...

At least you were spared seeing who McCain picked to be a heartbeat away.


CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

How did you manage to snap those photos in the meeting without being obvious? Way to go!

JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Wow your school is well organized!!