Thursday, February 01, 2007

First Day

Today was the first day of the semester. Since Principal Suit has decided that annualized classes are the way to go, I figured I better try to get a better handle on my ninth period M&C class. They aren't bad kids. They just like to play instead of work.

Today was the beginning of a new era. I'm sure the kids think they have me figured out, but I am older and wiser. I filled out Delaney cards before they came in the room and pointed them to their new seats the minute they walked into the trailer. I allowed no discussion of seats and no conversations at all. I then proceeded to tell them what they were going to do this term and how I was going to respond if they didn't do as I said. Again, they tried the usual arguments--I refused to let them speak. I told them no food. This made some unhappy as older siblings were sneaking over to Subway or Arby's and bringing them back goodies. I then handed them a worksheet, reviewing previous learned work. We went over some, and told them whatever we did not finish was for homework. I told them that they would fail with three missing homeworks. The only excuse was absence. First test is next Friday. I told them I would continue my policy of mailing failed exams home.

The class went great, better than I could ever have hoped for. I hope it will last. It was hard. Being that strict is not my style. I don't think kids learn well under such tense situations, but this class was getting too out of control. The regents is coming up and although it is not a very challenging exam, I expected them to learn math this term. If they wanted a diploma, they had to get through me. I'm really hoping it will work and that I can keep this new persona going until they naturally do the correct thing all the time.


CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

I like your new persona, even if your students don't. Does your face really turn green when you shrill at the little darlings?

Nic said...

It seems like I have to tighten up discipline at the beginning of each new term (even quarters, but especially semesters) too. It's like they have that break and come back and think it's going to be free time from then on.

I usually loosen up a bit once they get the picture, but the first few days kind of suck for me, too. Drill sargeant isn't really my calling.

NYC Educator said...

You're making me nostalgic. My grandmother used to live in the same Gramercy Park building as Margaret Hamilton and I got to meet her once.

I think that wicked witch thing is the right way to start off, though I can't really deal with wearing green on my face or anywhere else.

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