Friday, February 09, 2007

C-6 Time

With the start of the new semester, the C-6 assignments start again. I've been pretending that I don't know what to do and did not start going until yesterday and only then because some of the kids asked for help. I walked into the library and saw the librarians hard at work, as usual, reading magazines and gossiping. The table in the back, the one with the big sign over it that said "Tutoring Only" was full of kids. I walked over there and saw these kids having a great old time on cell phones, using ipods and eating. When I told the librarian I needed a place to work, she pointed me to the little table in the back and told me that was the new tutoring area. She told me the other sign was there by mistake. I ended up sitting near the front, that was where the kids who wanted help were sitting when I walked in. Sure enough, Ms. Librarian noticed my coffee cup and promptly came over to tell me not to drink in the library. I couldn't argue. I knew she was right so I walked out and finished it in the hall. On the way back in I couldn't resist the urge to ask her why she was not monitoring the kids in the back the same way she was monitoring me? She thanked me and supposedly went to talk to them. When I looked up again, librarians were back in their coffee klotch positions so I am sure the kids went back to their regular activities.

Today I asked my AP if I could tutor 4 days a week period 5 and switch to period 7 on the fourth day. Some of my calculus kids are only free period 7 and I wanted to be able to help them too. He started yelling at me. "You are always difficult." Why can't you do things like everyone else? I don't want anyone asking me why you are not where you are supposed to be." I told him I would adhere to a schedule and didn't see the problem. He continued ranting and so I just said "whatever you like, I'll do" and then I left. I wasn't looking to get away with anything. I just want to help the kids. You would have thought I was asking for something for myself instead of the kids the way he carried on. In the past, before these assignments started, I tutored every period. I even came in on weekends and holidays. NO MORE!!! Not when I am going to be treated like this for wanting to help.

Thank you UFT for giving us these exciting assignments! Make sure you leave them in every contract in the future.


Anonymous said...

In your school, you didn't have circular 6 assignments before the 2005 contract?

Pissedoffteacher said...

nwe didn't have assignments 5 days a week, maybe twice so there was time during the week dto do other things

Anonymous said...

> In the past, before these
> assignments started, I tutored
> every period.
> I even came in on weekends and
> holidays. NO MORE!!! Not when I
> am going to
> be treated like this for wanting
> to help.

Your anger is understandable. But whose behavior will you change by withholding this extra tutoring?
The "powers-that-be" don't care, probably did not know what you had been doing and won't realize it is the students who are hurt.

Your possible decision to not to what you had been doing in reaction to something done or not done by the administration is a typical teacher's reaction. It won't change your situation and won't help your students.

- - - - - - - -

> Thank you UFT for giving us
> these exciting assignments! Make
> sure you
> leave them in every contract in
> the future.

YOU are the UFT. You have options to work to change that which you don't like.

Pissedoffteacher said...

You willl never convince me that my vote means anything or my opinion for that matter.

I was an active member for many years. Time after time my voice was drowned out.

I'm angry and bitter. That is what happens after you've been stepped on for so long. But don't worry, I am leaving the system soon. You will have lots of newbies to convert to your way of thinking.

As for the extra stuff, the city and my school doesn't think the kids need it, maybe because they've been getting it for free for so long. Maybe if a need is created, they will see the error of their ways.

Anonymous said...

At my first school, we had them, but no one really checked up on them. I think people did them on average once a week or so. The 1-1 tutoring was a mistake, though, since they expected you to do it more often (to sit in a designated place and be available, ready to tutor if anyone showed up).

At my current school, at first we didn't have them (took a while as a start up school to get lots of stuff in place) but now they are 'as needed.' Some, such as sophomore trip coordinator, require 5 days, but only twice a year, and then there is relatively little to be done. Others (bulletin board related? ugh) are ongoing, but low intensity.

In any event, the time provisions didn't change with the new contract. (adding lunch duty, hall duty, bathroom duty, etc, that's all new, and it all stinks).

But Circular 6 time was not increase. I have heard about a bunch of schools doing what yours does, and requiring the 5-a-week business, though. Maybe Klein ordered the principals on this one? Being nasty because they can be is pretty much par for the course. I will ask around.

ms. whatsit said...

Anonymous -- There comes a point when we get tired of the complacency and disrespect of those who are supposed to advocate for us. That is what I hear Pissed-off saying in this post.

Pissedoffteacher said...

Thank you Ms. Whatsit

NYC Educator said...

The 05 contract mandated C6 assignments that were no longer self-directed, as they used to be. It authorized principals to assign hall patrol, potty patrol, and lunchroom duty. It sent us back into offices to assist secretaries.

This contract was unanimously approved by the negotiators, including the members of New Action, who later claimed to have been against it.

My C6 used to be preparing three preps. Now I do a hall patrol and prepare three preps anyway.

It is indeed an increase, and all of us who actually do the work know it very well. To contend otherwise is absurd.

Anonymous said...

I have both contracts and 6R in front of me. There was not a change ending professional assignments being self-directed. Nor was there a change directing that 6R assignments become 5 days a week. But NYCEd is not making his stuff up: it is exactly what a bunch of principals claimed.

The UFT brought this to arbitration; the decision has not been made yet.

I think it was always understood that the administrative (we should call them 'non-professional') assignments would be five days a week. We had a nearly 100% No vote in my school, and hall duty/lunch duty may have been the #1 reason. Not that we have them, but we all came from schools where we knew people who were going to get them, and in some fairly tough schools, to boot. And August. We all hate August.

Pissedoffteacher said...

Then my chapter is doing something wrong because we are assigned 5 days a week.

Anonymous said...

Not necessarily. In the Spring the Exec Committee should negotiate that menu with the principal, including duration. What seems to have happened is that a bunch of principals acted as if they were entitled to 5 days, no matter what. So there are people who have 3-a-week tutoring, but the principal has added 2 days. This is what is at arbitration now; the UFT says they do not have this right.

Ask your CL. S/he may have more information.

Pissedoffteacher said...

I'll ask tomorrow. Thanks for the information.

NYC Educator said...

Don't hold your breath.

And the UFT is certainly at fault for not clarifying this stuff in advance, for allowing it to go on for a year and a half, and most of all for allowing this unconscionable contract to go through in the first place.

Having some work 5 days while others work three is blatantly unfair.

As for what is understood, it behooves the people who "negotiate" these contracts to clarify this stuff well in advance. There is a huge, tangible difference between what C6 was before and after this contract.

It certainly seems to me that preparing my third prep was self-directed, and no one ever came by to check whether or not I did it. Now, the administration routinely checks that people are performing C6 assignments.

But if the contract says otherwise, I must be mistaken.

There is far less "negotiation" with principals nowadays, due to mayoral control and the 05 contract, both of which were supported by Randi Weingarten and her army of patronage employees.

Anonymous said...

I hope what you learn is positive, but in any event, having the information will be good. Knowledge is power, or at least potential power, and it should be shared around as widely as possible.

Pissedoffteacher said...

I took the C-6 issue up with the CC today. He told me that it is being looked into and a committee will be formed for next year. LOT OF GOOD IT DOES US NOW!

Anonymous said...

this CL from this year, sounds 'useless'...nice to see there is another CL at Packemin..currently..

oh and have you read Life in Limbo's blog posts about her C6 on Ed Notes? Those tales are notorious (middle school, not HS though)