Wednesday, September 28, 2011


What gets em the most about this Great Neck SAT cheating scandal is the arrogance and the entitlement of the students caught cheating.  These kids are claiming double jeopardy because the colleges are rescinding acceptances and they still might be criminally prosecuted, how sad.  They got in under false pretenses in the first place.  And how about the sleezeball lawyer who compared paying someone to take a test to looking over a shoulder during an exam?  (I know the lawyer is only doing his job, but come on....this is a ridiculous analogy.)

These kids did something wrong.  Their wrong doings kept a kid who did the right thing from getting a seat in the college they are attending.  They should be apologizing, admitting their guilt and throwing themselves on the mercy of the court instead of whining about the punishment they will possibly be dealt.  They need to learn that silver spoon they were born with does not allow them to do whatever they please.

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ASTRAKA said...

Ethical behavior is taught and demonstrated at home.