Saturday, September 03, 2011

Out Frieding Frieda

My friend Frieda is the queen of comps when thing don't go as they are supposed to. She has gotten comped for hotel rooms, meals, and drinks.   You name it and she has either gotten something for free, been upgraded or given a major discount.  Whenever anyone gets back at a company for messing up, we call it "doing a Frieda."

Frieda recently told us the flight she had booked to Aruba was changed without her knowledge.  She was pissed that her non stop flight was now stopping in Washington DC.  She called the airline and was able to get a refund but nothing else.  She was forced to spend $800 more rebooking her flight with another carrier.

Frieda told us the story and we got nervous because we are on the same flight in January.  We checked and ours was changed as well.  We were switched to a flight out of Newark, not at all convenient.  My husband called the airline and gave them hell.  They said there was nothing they could do short of giving us a refund.  After several hours of negotiations, he got us on a better flight (unfortunately still out of Newark) and $95 vouchers good on another flight.  He out Friedad Frieda.  I can't wait to see her face when she finds out.


Schoolgal said...

I didn't realize airlines could do that w/o telling you. And out of Newark!!! Would you use this airline again??

Pissed Off said...

Since good old Reagan deregulated airlines, they can do whatever they want.

Sometimes you have no choice--limited airline service an area. Aruba only has Jet Blue going direct and they are pretty pricey.