Friday, September 30, 2011

Helping The Mold Grow

I had some bread that was moldy. I decided to take the moldy loaf and divide it into a bunch of little pieces and store it with some different bread.  I thought the moldy bread might somehow be edible if it mixed in with a different loaf.  I even tried giving some of this moldy bread to my super young neighbors.

I couldn't believe the results.  Instead of improving, my moldy bread got all the other bread moldy too.  My poor young neighbors were baffled.  They tried everything they knew but more spores kept growing.  Instead of curing the problem, breaking up the load just spread it around.

The same thing happens with schools that are broken up.  The children with the problems will still have the problems only now they will be spreading them to their new schools.


Advocate Tracie said...

I like this one..I may have to use the theory myself...

Cara Boutkids said...

What a great analogy!!

However--I must add--it's a good thing you don't teach science!!!