Sunday, September 04, 2011

Sally and Bob

Sally has spent the past 2 years complaining about the way Bob taught AP Calculus. The first year he taught it, he didn't even turn in a syllabus to the College Board (a no no that he knew about) so they treated it like Honors Calculus. The second year - well, nothing but ones.

So, it was taken from him and given to Sally. She went around telling everyone that she was the only one with gifted training so only she could teach calculus. She kept getting corrected because there are three other teachers with gifted training. In any case, it is hers now.

Now that it is, Sally keeps telling everyone that this year is for her - that this year it is to make her comfortable teaching AP not for the kids.

When Sally said that the AP teacher from another department told her "so you want them to have an Honors Calculus class again?"

Well, that offended her.

She has been slandering Bob on what the kids don't know and has run smack up against things they should have learned before they ever had Bob - and don't know.

About 25% of our kids taking AP classes score a 3 or higher. I don't remember if that is overall or the ones taking the test, but neither percentage is very good.

And the sad thing - the administration will probably think Sally is doing the same awesome job that SHE thinks she is doing.

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gDog said...

Yeah...the problem is that calculus gets taught in lieu of geometry, algebra and trigonometry.