Monday, September 19, 2011

What Does Ending LIFO Really Mean?

The worm has no interest in keeping quality teachers, he only cares about keeping the ones who fear him and who will follow his every edict to the letter. 

Senior teacher is not the equivalent to bad teacher.  The senior teacher never got to teach a trig class because, combined with calculus,the program would have been too good and unfair to others in the department.  The senior teacher accepted this (there was no union violation so there was nothing else to do) and taught some of the most difficult kids in the building for years.  The senior teacher is retired and the person teaching calculus now (young) is also teaching pre-calculus.  No troubled kids for this one.  A rough program is one of the many reasons teachers retired in droves this year.  No one cared about keeping them on.

Parents need to realize that ending LIFO doesn't mean getting rid of the bad teachers and keeping good ones.  It means getting rid of the expensive ones and the ones who won't jump through hoops.  It means getting rid of teachers who might actually be able to help their child learn.  Don't get me wrong, LIFO might cause many young teachers to lose their jobs, but that can't be helped.

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Advocate Tracie said...

There is A LOT that parents REALLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND about what is really going on (I am talking about internally within the school system)