Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shouldn't Be Laughing

Bipolar Mood Swing by Spyder
Being bipolar is a serious disorder, one that should not be made fun of. 

That being said, I laughed so hard when I heard a group of people describe their boss as a bipolar bitch. It is sad when everyone notices a person's shortcomings except for that person and the one who put that person in charge.  I know I shouldn't have laughed.  This person can't help being disabled but one wonders how a person with this severe disability (without obvious any meds being taken to correct the behavior) can be put in charge of  anything.


Anonymous said...

It seems to be the DOE model for administrators....I worked for 1 of those myself.

Dog Catcher said...

What happens when a chihuahua is bipolar? Do you need more than one type of leash?

Schoolgal said...

Do they know for a fact this person is bi-polar or is this their joke? With meds, bi-polar people can also hold jobs. Even people with Tourettes have jobs like being a teacher. Hallmark presented a wonderful movie about such a teacher. It all depends on the degree of the disorder.

Pissed Off said...

This person acts like a crazy, bipolar individual, who knows if s/he was ever diagnosed? I think people would be more sympathetic if they saw some signs of improvement. S/he is not on any noticeable meds.

Dog cathcer--a muzzle is a must!

Pre-K Teacher Tracie said...

I worked with students who have bipolar disorder and are on medication. I am also an individual who has a neurological disability (very minor and not really noticeable). I am also an advocate for all individuals who have disabilities.

But P.O Teacher is right...was just pointing out how a person can act out uncontrollably and be ignorant to how it is perceived by others (without any obvious meds being taken to correct the behavior)

Pre-K Teacher Tracie said...

Schoolgal- I know the hallmark movie about the teacher who has Tourette Syndrome. His name is Brad Cohen, has SEVERE Tourette Syndrome and is now a principal 10+ years later. He and his wife have a 1 year old son.

If you saw the movie, I highly recommend reading the book. The book is even better and actually explains how his disorder really affected him. The hallmark movie glossed over the grim and gory parts.

Ms. Tsouris said...

"Bipolar" is a term used to describe someone who basically appears to be very unstable. In this case, it's someone who's a boss but down and not so deep they realize they are in over their heads; they lash out instead of delegating and possibly learning from staff members who could help them if they would stop trying to intimidate. The latter is a method used to distance oneself so no one approaches them with a question or a problem they can't handle. It's a way to mask their own perceived incompetency. People describing a boss in this manner are describing the behavior rather than the cause; they really have no way of knowing if the boss is actually "bipolar" in the true psychiatric/neurological sense of the word, unless the boss has actually come out and said that they have the specific condition.

Tourette's Syndrome is a specific neurological condition. I worked years ago with a principal in a night high school who had Tourette's Syndrome. He was a very decent person and administrator; he never lost his temper, and was very supportive and helped me get started in the night GED program. It was very easy to overlook the tics and noises he made. This gentleman was highly intelligent, articulate,(in spite of some stuttering caused by the Tourette's) and happily married with a couple of kids. This situation harkens back to the time when the system was run by the Board of Education and decency and humanity still existed as part of the education system and process.

Pre-K Teacher Tracie said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with individuals who have Tourette Syndrome (TS)!!!!!! People with Tourette Syndrome live happy, productive and functional lives with/without medication! Some peoples tics are more severe than others which is why people take medication to help alleviate the tension.

Furthermore, tics do not interfere with the functioning of the individual's life. Stress exacerbates the tics which is caused by anxiety. The amount of anxiety in the individual's body begins to break down because their central nervous system is already compromised. Its STRESS that exacerbates tics, not the tics that cause problem!

Prominent individuals who have succeeded in life with Tourette Syndrome (TS) are:
NYC Councilman Jumaane Williams
Teacher/Principal Brad Cohen
American Idol contestant James Durbin
NBA basketball player Chris Jackson
Major League Baseball player - Jim Eisenreich
Dr. Samuel Johnson- who wrote the dictionary

Pissed Off said...

No one ever said there is something wrong with individuals who have Tourettes. Please reread the comments before jumping down anyone's throat. In fact, what was said is exactly what you said. Take a deep breath and relax.

Pre-K Teacher Tracie said...

I know..thanks for reminding me..its my sensitive area in me. There are lot of misconceptions that people do not even realize..that is all...

Schoolgal said...

My grandnephew has TS. Unfortunately the suburban school he attended did not try to understand the condition and my niece had to force the principal to allow her to bring in someone to train the teachers.

As far as the administrator in question, I found many of mine to be plain nuts. My last principal ran the school like a general while the AP was totally delusional. She once told the father of the worst set of twins in the school how much we all loved them. (We didn't!!) PS: A few years later one of them was arrested. Too bad there isn't a pill to give someone who needs a dose of common sense!!